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See your doctor from anywhere, just click their personalized room link to join them for a video call.

Please stay home and if you need to visit a doctor we are here to help! Our doctors are available in person at the clinic and also on-line. Have coronavirus (COVID19) & other symptoms checked, get test results, prescriptions & referrals




Step 1: Get an Appointment

To make an appointment with your doctor,Book online                      Or Call us at 604-770-4070 

Step 2: Visit Your Doctor Online

Follow the link below and click on your doctor a few minutes prior to your appointment.

Your will be required to enter your email to check in to the waiting room.

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No downloads or accounts

No need to download software or create an account. Just use a browser on a computer or device with a camera and microphone.

Private and secure

All data is encrypted, your sessions are anonymous, and none of your information is stored. We adhere to HIPAA, PIPEDA, and GDPR data privacy requirements.

Live Chat

With live chat you can simply and easily communicate with a patient by text, even while you are on a call with a different patient. Live chat is also a great compliment to audio and video.

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