Always available, Always ready to help

During this unprecedented time, while access to many services have been limited (if not non-existent), Cure Medical Clinic is committed to keep its doors open to all patients for all their of medical needs.

In addition to providing convenient video and phone visits, our physicians at Cure Medical Clinic continue to be available for in person visits.

We understand that sometimes you need to physically see a doctor. Whether you need to remove stitches, freeze a wart, treat hemorrhoids, or have a

lump in your breast examined , we understand that some in clinic visits are inevitable and essential.

Now, you can book your appointment with any of the doctors through our on-line booking platform. We will remind you of your appointments and you can manage them on-line as well.

You can always walk-in or book an appointment before you arrive to reserve your spot.

Our physicians accept new patients if you are looking for a new caring family doctor.

We are only a phone call away!

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