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British Columbia's Success With Covid-19

Why we believe BC is dealing well with COVID-19 pandemic so far despite the fact that we ran less tests compared to too many others.

The table below shows how Canadian greater cities and provinces are dealing with COVID-19 (C19) compared to some other cities/provinces/states in the world. I chose the regions mostly because they have the highest C19 incidence rate in the country, so we can compare the worst among us. In deed, not are all these cities and regions the most populated or popular in the countries; however they are for sure hit the hardest by C19.

Mortality rate (MR) is one of the most important public health indexes because:

1. it is focusing on an important outcome: “mortality”; 

2. the denominator, total regional population, is hypothetically a fixed number;

3. the numerator, C19 death count, is one of the most accurately reported numbers in public health these days since rarely do we miss the reason of the death, even if we miss the diagnosis prior to the death.

Therefore, the lower MR during an epidemic may show how good we are at preventing and containing the disease. Using MR, even in the absence of mass testing and screening, we are able to evaluate the success of the public health measures.

As you may kindly see here in this table, BC and Greater Vancouver have been doing very good so far in terms of containing the disease. It is also good to know that other statistics like the number of the hospital admissions and ICU bed occupancy are also indicating a very fine job done by BCCDC and Public Health.

At the same time that the MR in Vancouver, Toronto, and Daegu (S. Korea) are 33, 61, and 67 in 1 million respectively, London’s MR is 450 and New York’s MR reaches 1013 in 1 million.

Comparison of mortality rate for COVID-19 among some great areas with significant C19 prevalence

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